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Double Your CPG Email Revenue with a 1-Click buy button for Klaviyo + Shopify.

Minimal effort, maximum output. Increase AOV & Customer LTV through your HIGHEST ROI channels; email + SMS.

Are you ready to release The Pony from its stable?

The Pony was my secret weapon over the holidays to grow Customer Lifetime Value.

David Sanghera
Founder, HerLiaison
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Built to drive incremental revenue

THE SaaS designed to simultaneously maximize your CPG Lifetime Customer Value, Conversion Rate & Average Order Value (AOV) with a mobile-first, personalized shopping experience at scale.

1-Click, 2x Your Revenue

Make your customer's next purchase, their most valuable yet & keep them coming back for more. Leverage existing data to suggest products and personalize seamless, red carpet checkout.

  • Increase AOV by 23%

    Personalize upsells & cross-sells to promote complementary CPG product discovery & repeat purchase.

  • Up Email Conversion by 151%

    Combined impact of AOV and Conversion Rate results in a substantially higher LTV.

  • Higher AOV + Increased Conv Rate + Repeat Purchases => 2x Revenue

    Getting 1 out of 10 new customers to buy again increases revenue by 20%. Getting 5 out of 10 will double it.

Such a simple, practical shopping experience from our email marketing - a great way to build a stronger relationship with our customers!

David Sanghera
Founder, HerLiaison

Dynamically Personalized Checkout Experience

Treating your loyal CPG customers like strangers? Increase their value & offer them a white-glove shopping experience. Leverage what you know about their habits to cut shopping time in half.

  • Highly-Relevant Product Discovery

    Effortless product discovery & automated recommendations based on past consumption.

  • Shortest Path To Checkout

    Repeat customers don't need a single keystroke to complete a purchase. PONY leaves no room for hesitation.

Maximize Your Remarketing Channels

Take the checkout experience to your customers, wherever they are.

  • Shoppable Emails

    55% of emails are opened on mobile devices. 1-Click buy buttons complete the seamless checkout process.

  • Shoppable SMS

    With 99% open rates, mobile-optimised checkout links make the SMS shopping experience effortless for both you and your customer.

  • AOV & Conversion Rates are typically HALF on mobile.

    Not with PONY - mobile & desktop purchases are fully in step.

We have happier repeat customers because they don't have to click around our store to find what they're looking for. I would recommend to any direct to consumer brand.

David Sanghera
Founder, HerLiaison

Cut Unnecessary Clicks To Checkout

90% fewer clicks, 70% Higher Conversion Rate & 50% Higher AOV

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